About Textilemonster

If you are wondering Who is behind Textilemonster.
I am Mine, the textilemonster, a little Virgo woman living the biggest love story of our time with mountains of fabrics,laces trims etc.
Fabrics,laces,sewing and doing all kind of crafts has been my passion as far as i can remember. I am a self taught artist/designer whose head is always busy with new ideas/designs.

I have also a shop that is called Textilemonster at Etsy. I celebrated my 10th year Anniversary there with over 25 thousand sales, about 10 thousand stellar reviews and Thousands of wonderful customers who supported me in my journey and along the road we became friends.

You can reach my Etsy shop at below link;


My shop is my playground where i put 8-10 hours of work a day, mostly 7 days a week, exhausted every evening but enjoy every second of it.
This happens when you follow your heart and do what you like to do:)

My shop is run by me and me only without any outside help
It is truly heart braking to see that our handmade platform is so filled with imported and manufactured items that no one can do anything about it.
I take pride of hand making each item and offering it to you with love.
I hand make(using machines, thanks to technology!) everything myself and by myself.
So rest assure that anything you purchase in my shop is really made with an immense passion and love by Textilemonster.

Thank you so much for visiting my shop,loving my scarves and supporting me and all of us @ my shop and ETSY on doing what we love to do. THANK YOU
More about me:
I am a mom. I have two wonderful sons that are grown.
I am a wife. I am married to the most supportive husband.
I am a friend to anyone who needs a good friend.
I lived most of my life in Europe,Germany,France and Turkey but visited every country in Europe.
Speak English,German,Turkish and French.
I am addicted to water, love ocean,Water relaxes me. Ha ha, they say stress is water soluble :)
I love and believe in Mermaids.Love Whales and dolphins. Love seafood. I love reading,music and movies.
My favorite places to go is Key West in the U.S. Bodrum in Turkey. Kavala in Greece.
Actually they are too many to count. I am a born tourist. I love to go everywhere :)
My favorite stones are Larimar, Coral,i love Biwa pearls too :)
I love colors of Oceans, Horizons and Sunsets
My dream is seeing all the world,visiting every country and hugging every lighthouse!
My house is full of ocean themed decoration. I have a miniature shrimp called Coco.
I feed squirrels and blue birds every morning while having my morning coffee.
I love God,my family, my friends, life and All of You!
God bless everyone!