Ruffle scarves

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An awesome collection of ruffle scarves to turn any ordinary outfit into an instant Oh La La!

LONG SUPERSTAR RUFFLES are super long (about 100 +inches) and fluffy. These are ruffled scarves that can be worn extra long like a Rockstar or wrapped several times around the neck to cuddle with full ruffles. Beautiful any which way!

 SHORT INFINITY RUFFLES are about 55-57 inches loop 13-15 inches wide. They are super soft and they have a nice stretch.

They can be worn like a waterfall (single loop ) or  double loop like in all pictures, then they look pretty awesome with anything you wear them to.

They give the bohemian look to sporty outfits, polish your everyday look and add the Playful "Je ne sais quoi" to your business suits.

From my heart to yours. Enjoy!