Kimonos and Caftans

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These Kimonos, Ruanas, and Caftans are all handmade with love.

This collection will be filled very soon with beautiful items :)

Born in textilemonster 's imagination, cut personally by her and finally stitched with joy just to make its owner happy. Maybe you?

My kimonos, Kimono cardigans, and caftans are made with lovely European quality fabrics that are easy to maintain, absolutely hand washable and mostly wash machine friendly too.

These Kimonos and likes are comfy, cuddly, they comfort us by erasing some part of our body from the view, they make us stand taller as their fabrics drape well and elongate our body and believe me, they give us wings of feeling good and comfortable.

They provide us with some modesty when most needed and hugs us when wind gives us a little shiver.

They are also extremely versatile; they will serve you with joy whatever you pair them with, they look awesome when worn over tank tops with jeans, shorts, over a bathing suit or for lounging around the house. They love flip flops, flats and your high heels too :)  Possibilities are endless!


All Kimonos, Cardigans, Caftans are in limited quantity as everything else in my shop, nothing is mass-produced here. Everything is cut and sewn by me  and there is a chance that if it is sold out, it might not come back so grab yours before it is gone.

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