Oh! Tiny but Oh La La! Black Cotton Vintage Boho Art neckerchief -small size(53)


Vendor: Handmade by Textilemonster

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Bohemian Art scarves in a smaller size. Timeless for every season. A unique gift for any occasion
This is the small size of the collection. It is a necklet size which is also perfect for the little bohemian in your life.
It can also be an awesome headscarf.
However, you wear it, you will be the focus of the attention!

This is an amazing scarf made of a beautiful black cotton crinkle.
I cut this scarf in a triangle and embellished with lots of vintage handmade lace, cross-stitched embroidery pieces, and vintage fabrics.
All edges are finished with hand crochet and two sides have handmade bohemian lace embellished with coins and more. It has on both sides an extension, with bohemian lace, crochet flowers and coins ending with handmade tassels.
I will be making more of these scarves but none will be alike. So your piece will be unique to you!
The widest part is 34 inches wide, plus 13-14 inches extension on both sides
15 inches long, plus 8-9 inches extension in the front
Enjoy your pretty scarf and visit me soon again:)